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Men's Club Championship Result 2017
Club Championship Result

Full standings are below for gross and nett competitions. Congratulations to Graham Handscombe winning the gross title on 167.  Second by 10 shots was Malcolm Knobel-Forbes. Graham also won the nett title with 145 - six clear of Malcolm and Barry Carse.

Graham had the best net score in Round 1 (net 70) and Malcolm for Round 2 (68).

CSS was 72 on Round 1 and 74 on Rounds 2. There were 8 birdies over the two days - but only 1 in Round 2.

Round 1 notable stats ....
  • 8 birdies: 3rd (Martin Redgewell), 6th (Graham Handscombe & John Chisholm), 8th (Phil Black & Barry Carse), 10th (Malcolm Knobel-Forbes), 12th (Steve Bonnett), 15th (Mike Gaillard)
  • easiest hole was the 6th (stroke index 14)
  • most difficult hole was the 4th (stroke index 8)
  • no-one managed to par the 7th
Round 2 notable stats ....
  • only 1 birdie: 8th (Phil Black - both days!)
  • easiest hole was the 8th (stroke index 18)
  • most difficult hole was the 12th (stroke index 5)

Gross Aggregate Scores                                                                                       Nett Aggregate Scores