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Mens Medal & Trophy Winners Shield
The Medal & Trophy Winners Shield is the premier Men's event to mark the end of the summer golfing season. It is also the final event contributing to the Order of Merit. In order to play in the event, you need to qualify in the preceding year through one or more of several routes: Below are the final qualifiers for the 2017 event:
Black, J 1st Class Shoot-Out, Dec Medal Div 1, Barn Trophy, June medal Div 1, Oct medal
Black, P Sprayavia
Bonnett, S Feb medal Div 1, March m/w medal, April m/w medal Div 1, Spitfire Salver
Carse, B Grange Trophy
Chisholm, J Jan medal
Clifton, T Holder, Linton Trophy
Coulson, M Feb medal Div 2
Edge, C Oct m/w medal
Gaillard, M Spitfire Salver
Handscombe, G Hallmark Trophy, Club Champ (gross and nett), Summer pairs KO, Summer singles KO
Jackson, P Lakeside, 3 Counties Plate
Jones, D May m/w medal Div 1, Sept medal
King, S Captain's Shoot-Out, Summer pairs KO
Knobel-Forbes, M April medal Div 1, July medal Div 1, Blenheim Bowl
Lane, M Ian Waters, April m/w medal Div 2, May m/w medal Div 2, Aug m/w medal
Leigh, T Nick Willys
Masters, D Barn Trophy
Nunn, B Aug medal, Masters
Redgewell, M Nov medal Div 1, July m/w medal Div 2
Rodham, J Secretary's Salver, June m/w medal
Smith, R Sept m/w medal
Smith, S Dec Medal Div 2, March medal
Tomkins, D May medal, Blenheim Bowl, Lucy Godfrey Memorial Trophy, Granta Rummer
Thompson, G April medal Div 2, July medal Div 2
Watts, D Ian Waters
Woods, T July m/w medal Div 1