Danny Martin

Wins Heydon Masters

Danny Martin Heydon Masters 2021JPG.jpg

Anne Peers and John Black

Win Natalie and Lucy Godfrey Trophy

Ann Peers John Black L&N.JPG

Debra Tweddle

Wins Grange Trophy

Deb Tweddle Grange Trophy 210821.JPG

Khalid Sattar

Men's Trophy

Captains Day 2.JPG

Ray Tweddle

Wins Merlot Trophy

Ray Tweddle Merlot Trophy.JPG

Ray Tweddle

Wins Nick Willys Trophy

Pat Bonnett

Ladies Trophy

Steve Bonnett

Wins Linton Trophy

Carol Miller Wins

PIAB Trophy

Carol Miller PIAB.jpg

Gloria Carse

Wins Mid-Week Challenge

Liz Beer

Wins Borham Salver

Gloria Midweek Challange Liz Boreham Salver 280721.jpg

Ray Tweddle & Danny Martin

Win Blenheim Bowl

Blenheim Bowl Ray T and Danny M.JPG

Kiki Yuen Wins

MPI Ladies Club Championship (Nett)

Kiki Yuen adj.JPG

Carol Miller Wins

MPI Ladies Club Championship (Gross)

Ray Tweddle

Wins Club Championship (Nett)

Ray Tweddle Net 2021.jpg

Malcolm Knobel-Forbes

Wins Club Championship (Gross)

MKF Gross 2021.jpg

Debra Tweddle

Wins Broadley Bowl

Debra Tweddle Broaley bowl 7JPG.jpg
Richard Gardner Receives Trophy from GavinThompson_edited.png

On 3rd July we held the 7th Heydon Men v Venerables fixture, which started with honours even at the 3 matches each. All to play for. 

An excellent match played with friendly rivalry and the occasional banter, which in spite of those nice weather people forecasting doom and gloom, was played in dry, warm conditions. 

The match was followed by sandwiches and chips in the clubhouse (with a few samosas handed out to Mrs A's favourites). 

The match was a win for the Venerables by 4 to 2 

The photo of Gavin presenting the trophy to Richard is courtesy of Roger Smith Photography.

Peter Jackson

Wins Secretary's Salver

Peter Jackson Wins Secretary's Salver.jp

Martin Redgewell

Wins Hallmark Trophy

Martin Redgewell Hallmark Trophy 190621.
Pat & Steve Bonnett win Countywide.JPG

Pat & Steve Bonnett

Win Countywide

John Black

wins Sprayavia


Mandy Handscombe

Wins June Trophy

Mandy Handscombe June Trophy 050621b.jpg

Malcolm K-F & Dave Watts

win Barn Trophy


Martin Redgewell

wins Lakeside Trophy


Carol Miller and Elaine K-F win Spring Pairs

Carol Miller and Elaine Knobel-Forbes Sp


Deborah Bryan wins Captain's Cup

Deborah Bryan.jpg

Danny Martin wins the Captain's Bowl 

Danny Martin.jpg

Marilyn Symonds wins Autumn Trophy

Marylin Simmons.jpg