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The Betty Big Butt Trophy Winners

BBB Trophy.png
Winners Gay and Gloria 081022u.jpg

Saturday 8th October - Glo and Gay -  wondering   "How Did That Happen!!!!"

Today's (7th September 2022) winners of the Trophy are Glo, Maria and Mandy.

Winners Glo Maria and Mandy 070922u.jpg
WS Carol and Pat 081022u.jpg
Wooden spoon.png

The deserved winners of the Wooden Spoon (cos we played rubbish!!!) Carol and Pat.

Losers Joy Pat & Deb 070922u.jpg
Wooden spoon.png

Also-rans Joy, Pat and Deb. And the first shall come last!

Winners Gay Deb Pauline and Maureen 310822u.jpg
Losers Mandy, Gloria and Cathy 310822u.jpg
Wooden spoon.png

And Mandy, Glo and Cathy could do better.

Today's (31st August 2022) winners of the Trophy are Gay, Deb, Pauline and Maureen.

Winners Marilyn Gay and Maureene.jpg

Today's (3rd August 2022) winners of the Best with a Twist  Betty Big Butt Trophy are Marilyn, Gay and Maureen.

Winners - Lynette, Pauline and Linda 150622.jpg
Wooden Spoon Deb t Gloria and Kiki.jpg
Wooden spoon.png

And Debs T, Glo and Kiki didn't quite make the Winners rostrum.

Today's (15th June 2022) winners of the Yellow Ball Betty Big Butt Trophy are Linda, Lynette and Pauline.

Also Winners are Marilyn, Debs and Carol

Spoon - Marilyn, Debs and Carol 150622.jpg
Wooden spoon.png
Anne, Pat & Carol June 080622.jpg

Today's (8th June 2022) winners of the Betty Big Butt Trophy are Anne, Pat and Carol.

Also Winners are Deb, Penny and Linda

Wendy & Carol BBB 280522.jpg
Debs, Penny & Linda 080622.jpg
Wooden spoon.png

Today's winner of the Betty Big Butt Trophy was Stella with a stellar (!) score of 32 points on the par 3s and 4s only.

And her winning jockey was Wendy who won the Lady Ladbroke Charity Challenge.

Here they both are and Stella is still smiling even though her jockey is subject to a Steward's enquiry for vigorous use of the whip!!

Pauline and Alison 110522.jpg

Pauline & Alison

11 May 2022

Mandy, Leslie and Pauline winners 27 april 2022.JPG

Mandy, Leslie and Pauline

27 April 2022

Kiki, Gloria and Carol 130422.jpg

Kiki, Gloria & Carol

13 April 2022

BBBT 090422.jpg

Susan, Gloria & Debs T.

09 April 2022

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